New Article on Best Diets to Lose Weight Fast

When you are trying to lose weight fast, you do have options, but they are really not going to be permanent. Your body likes to keep you at the weight you are because it thinks you are supposed to be there. It’s like a thermostat, it will get you back to the right number but you have to reset it lower with changes in your lifestyle and exercise.

I used to know a wrestler who could change his weight over a weekend before weighing in for a match so he could wrestle in a lower weight class. He would eat nothing for 2 days except drink water. Maybe an apple. That was it. But he couldn’t maintain that for more than a few days and the weight eventually came back. He knew what he wanted to achieve and understood that his body would change him right back to his old weight because it was too drastic, and too quick.

In rapid weight loss, you’ll find that sensible diets are based on soup. Studies have shown that if you eat soup your calories are reduced, and you stay full and satisfied longer than eating and drinking separately. Your body actually believes it is more full, and as a consequence you eat less overall. Less “net calories” in total for the day. Your weight begins to trend down.

Juice diets can work too, but you have to drink nutrient rich juices that are essentially cold soup. So when people talk about eating a liquid diet, it’s actually not a bad idea as a diet to lose weight fast since there are whole cultures in this world that eat soup for every meal and those people tend to be very lean. For them sugar is not a staple, and meat is a flavoring. But any trip to a Vietnamese or Chinese Restaurant where you get a big bowl of steaming soup with all the trimmings will show you what a real diet can be. And a fast weight loss diet too!

My latest article on the best diets to lose weight fast discusses that they work fast, but often you won’t keep the weight off.But if you have to try it, start with the soup. Any kind you want and eat to satiety. Lay off the bread, and any other starchy thing you might want to add until the weight comes off and then you can enjoy it too.

What is the best diet to lose weight?

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