And What is the Best Diet to Lose Weight After All?

Everybody is different, and we all lose weight differently. Sadly, though if you are an American or increasingly a person from the UK, you are in danger of gaining weight simply from living in those countries. I’ve watched the American population go from normal slim in my childhood (where only a few people around you might be obese, and they had health issues) to seeing over 50% of my neighbors, former classmates and friends grow obese. It’s incredible.

People accept that now Americans will be not just overweight, but almost morbidly obese. And it seems that the diet fads, and the books, and the T.V. Shows that all want to help you are making money off of the sheer desperation of being obese. You need to find the right diet for you, and for each person that is a different solution. Our bodies are different.

What is the same in all cases, though, is that the nasty old culprit of processed sugars, especially high fructose corn syrup, are going to make you obese. Problem is that those two culprits are in every food made that is processed, even baby food! You can blame portion sizes all you want to, and maybe the fried foods, or what have you, but the real culprit is sugar.

So how do you find a way to lose weight and not starve? Ironically the secret is in being sated, and not being hungry. And sugar and high fructose corn syrup make you hungry, and even turn off the hormone leptin that is supposed to keep you sated. The very hormone that should keep you slim is shut off by sugar. It’s a catch 22 that is hitting the entire world.

Any diet that lowers your hunger, and your calories will make you lose weight, but there is more to finding the best diet than reading a book. That’s why we started our site.


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