Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast for Women of All Ages

The best diet to lose weight fast for women is a diet that promotes healthier eating. A diet that has all the nutritional value for the day in portions that are consistent with calories allowed for the day. A calorie is simply the energy you get from food. Calories fuel the body as it does its job of running all the complex processes needed in daily living. If the calories we consume are more than the calories the body needs and the calories we burn through daily activities, weight gain is the end result.

The best diet to lose weight fast for women takes into account the amount of calories needed and the amount of calories typically burned in a day. Then if the calories you take in are reduced and the daily activities remain the same, then weight loss is achieved. Studies have shown that even if it’s only 500 calories a day that you eat less and still maintain an active lifestyle, weight loss can be achieved!

When women look at themselves in the mirror, they typically compare their body shape to others. In fact, when women go on a diet, the body image of a model or an actress is typically what they want to achieve. This is because women tend to gain weight in the same places and pictures of women who tend to be ideal in shape are slim in the same places. Among women, fat is typically distributed in the abdomen, chest, buttocks and hips. Unfortunately, these are also the places where weight gain typically shows. The best diet to lose weight fast for women is a diet that cuts the calories without sacrificing healthy eating. Followed with an exercise program that target these areas where weight gain develops allows women to achieve a more desired shape.

The first thing to do when going on a diet is to have a realistic goal. Fad diets and starvation diets have been proven bad for your health and not reliable for long term weight maintenance. In fact, doctors and nutritionists caution people not to use these diets as they cause harm that can be long lasting. A water only or liquid only diet can work in the very short term, but will never be a good long term plan.

The body needs energy from foods we eat and by abstaining from solid foods, the nutrients the body needs are not met. Some fad diets cut or eliminate entire groups of foods in favor of one or the other. These diets are not sustainable, too, because they place undue hardship on the liver or kidneys. The body gets rid of toxins naturally by processes that take place in the kidneys and liver. Messing up with this balance can cause long term health problems. The best diet to lose weight fast for women will have both energy producing foods (protein groups) and sustaining foods (fruits and vegetables).

The typical diet is pegged at 2000 calories. To lose weight, a calorie intake of 1200 to 1600 calories is recommended. However, these calories must be from foods that actually matter and not foods that are called empty calories. Calories are not created equal. A serving of ice cream at 1/2 cup will be around 200-270 calories. The same 1/2 cup of steamed broccoli will only be around 27 calories. This means that it takes 5 cups of broccoli to equal 1/2 cup of ice cream. Calorie wise, they are the same. But nutrition and energy wise, the broccoli trumps the ice cream any day. This means that when looking for the best diet to lose weight fast among women, it is better to go with fruits and vegetables for your calorie count.

Women should also remember that hydration is very important when going on a diet. This means that drinking water should not take a backseat. Use water to keep you hydrated and also to help you curb hunger pangs. Squirt a little bit of lemon juice in a big tumbler of water and sip this lemon water throughout the day. Drink water instead of sweetened fruit juice. Cut down on soda and iced tea. Sweetened iced tea have tons of sugar and sugary drinks will only make you more thirsty. The calories from sweetened iced tea will load up your calorie quota for the day. Use the calories instead for foods that will give you energy so you can get on your day at work without ill effects.

A good diet menu will have fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy. Portion control and knowing serving sizes is a key to the best diet to lose weight fast for women. The new food plate of the recommended food groups also makes it easier to know what is allowed and what serving size or portion to eat at mealtimes. The best way to achieve nutrients and be healthy is to load up on vegetables at every meal. A serving of salad with lemon and olive oil dressing will make you feel more full than 1/2 a cup of empty calories. Steamed, baked or broiled vegetables will go a long, long way. For grains, eat brown rice instead of white rice. Also introduce quinoa to your diet. This protein rich food can be a rice or bread substitute.

No matter how good the best diet to lose fast for women is, weight won’t drop as fast without increasing your daily activities. Calories burned should be more than calories taken in. This means that for women to lose weight fast, exercise must also be part of the daily routine. Brisk walking, going up and down the stairs and even parking a little bit farther than the entrance are simple exercise tricks that work. If you incorporate activities like working out in the gym, then weight loss can even be faster. In the end, the way to lose weight is not through a fad or crash diet. The best diet to lose weight fast for women is actually achieved by eating healthier and being more active. There is no magic weight loss pill, just a sustained effort at healthy eating!