Can you Diet to Lose Weight in a Week?

Ok, let’s get one thing straight before I announce my latest article-you cannot realistically lose a lot of weight in a week. It’s unnatural, and if you do it plan on it being awful and plan on the weight returning with a vengeance. I remember watching Oprah and she said “do not think you can lose weight with just diet alone, it cannot be done” And so it follows from that that exercise is a crucial component in weight loss. So a week? Well, let’s see.

If you have a week, plan on losing no more than a safe few pounds. But sometimes that can make all the difference between wearing a particular suit and not wearing it. A week is not a long time in body terms, and if you shed a few pounds it will probably be water.

So! The best plan of attack is soup. Any kind of non cream soup with anything you want to put in it. Preferably a variety of vegetables so that when you actually do lose the weight you won’t lose the nutrients.

Soup is amazing food, and it has sustained whole civilizations in times of war and famine. Water is a perfect vehicle for removing nutrients from a particular foodstuff, and there was the age old story of making soup flavored with a rock. Probably was a salty rock, but it gave the soup flavor and meaning. The term Restaurant came from the Latin word for Restauro which alluded to a place in Rome or the Roman Empire that sold restorative broth.

So if you’ve got a week, start a big pot of boiling water, throw in some bouillon cubes and some wonderful veggies, anything you want. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a crash weight loss diet that might work and still keep you nourished.

Read more hereĀ Diet to Lose Weight in a Week. I spelled out a few of my tips and cautionary tales for you to read.

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