Healthy Diet to Lose Weight that Anyone Can Follow

Healthy eating starts with choosing the best diet for your needs. If you’re looking for a healthy diet to lose weight, you already know that if you continue with bad food choices or do nothing about changing your food intake, you’ll end up with Type 2 Diabetes or with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Yes, these diseases can be related to food choices. So the best way to start is as soon as possible.

If you are planning on changing the way you eat, then choose a healthy diet to lose weight and not a crash diet or a fad diet that allows only water or liquid juices. Diets which are very restrictive are bound to fail because we naturally want food that satisfies and not one that leaves us hungry.

When you’re on a severely restricted diet, chances are, you’ll always feel hungry so the minute you lose your resolve, binge eating occurs. This yoyo between weight and unhealthy eating habits are not good for you in the long run. Your body needs certain kinds of foods to allow it to function in a highly efficient way.

Before you go on a diet, talk to your doctor first. Find out what healthy diet to lose weight he recommends. He knows your general health condition and will know whether some foods are not recommended for you. Then take the time to list down foods you currently eat and enjoy and the portion sizes you normally eat. Do this for about a week. Knowing what you love will make it easier to incorporate some of the foods you enjoy into your new diet plan. A healthy diet to lose weight by will give you a lot more choices than you think. The reason why it’s important to write down what you eat and keep a food journal is because many times we are not aware of what goes into our plate. Or, we have no idea how big our portion sizes are nowadays. It’s like going to your favorite fast food place and ordering a “large” size. Chances are, their “large” size has evolved over the years and has actually grown bigger. Who would have thought that the large size drink is actually 32 oz! This is why a food journal is the way to go. Write everything down. Do not feel judged. This book will help you make better choices and will actually result in a healthy diet to lose weight that you’ll actually follow and learn to live with.

The next step in changing the way you eat and the way you look at food is by reading labels. A lot has been written already about what processed foods contain and why it’s important to read them. Truth is, most people do not read labels and don’t know how much salt, fats and sugar are contained in packaged foods. If you’re trying to manage diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, then it is very important that you know these numbers. At least in the US, labels have been standardized so you can compare the same products of food items even from different brands. Serving sizes and calories are two of the information you need to know when eating. A healthy diet to lose weight by is flexible because you can mix and match your foods depending on your calorie allowances for the day. The object is not to blow them on one bag of chips. A big bag of chips may seem as just one bag. But remember that a serving size of chips is only 20 chips. That means that big bag of chips may indeed be 4 to 5 servings. The calories listed are for serving sizes only. So if the first number you see is 120 calories in your big bag of chips, but because of its size contains 5 servings, then by finishing off the bag, you actually consumed 600 calories and not just 120 calories. If your daily calorie limit is 2000 for a healthy diet to lose weight fast, then what you just did was consume a third of your allowance for the day on one big bag of chips.

Reading food labels should not be stressful. Nutrition labels and information should act as a guide on how much and what to eat. They are not meant to make food shopping harder but easier. Imagine yourself planning your meals for the day. Yes, you can have unlimited vegetables and greens but are now considering what salad dressing to use. This is when food labels can help you out. Thick and creamy salad dressings tend to have more calories. An example is everybody’s favorite Ranch Dressing. A serving of salad dressing is 2 tablespoons and Ranch dressing of this serving size is around 140 calories. But how many of us will only have 2 tablespoons in a big bowl of salad? Chances are, we’ll even consume 1/4 of a bottle! There goes all the calories you saved from having salad! The best way to dress a salad is a splash of lemon with light olive oil. Portion control and reading food lables are good practices when emabrking on a healthy diet to lose weight by.

Another good practice is never to eat when you’re upset, angry or tired. Food needs to be enjoyed so you’re satisfied and so you can enjoy the flavors and texture. What happens when you allow your mood to dictate your food choices is that you’ll tend to eat sugary and foods that are high in fat. This is because sugar can indeed lift you up, but it is temporary and by giving in, you’ll only want more. Sugar is one of the fastest ways to sabotage your diet. Imagine coming home hungry and upset because work is not going well. You open your fridge and reach for a pint of ice cream. Bad choice because before you know it, the whole pint is gone. A serving size of ice cream is 1/2 cup only and runs from 100 calories to 270 calories per serving size or per 1/2 cup! The best choice is to just reach for a fruit. An orange or a banana. Or slices of melons or watermelons. The good news is, the deli counter at the supermarket or even the produce section will have fruits that are pre-sliced and pack in containers. These containers can easily be brought to the office as snacks. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips or ice cream, make it a habit to opt instead for cold, sweet fruits! Such a great and yummy addition to any healthy diet to lose weight menu!