My Healthy Diet to Lose Weight Recommendations

I’m constantly amazed at what people will do, purchase or follow to lose weight. The sheer desperation of it all! I understand you want to lose weight, but if it’s not a healthy diet, your body will protest silently and gently encourage you to eat more. And before you know it, that power bar and red bull diet your friend recommended from the internet has left you sleepless, prediabetic and feeling lousy. And then you rapidly gain weight back. It’s terrible.

The key is healthy eating. Vegetables, lean meats, fruits, Legumes (beans of any sort) and water. No sugar, no sweets, no processed foods you find in the store. Anything you drink in a can will only take you to the bathroom for the inevitable diet that robs you of nutrients. Laxatives are NOT a diet. Nor is anything diuritic based like slimming tea.

What is healthy? Water, lemon, things that are savory with flavor. Vegetables with a drizzle of olive oil, some fresh cracked pepper and a sprinkle of salt. They will have more flavor and rival some dishes you might pay 10 bucks for at a local Italian Restaurant.

But what if I get hungry? Well, you can snack on nuts, but stay away from the potato chips, and anything in a bag that crinkles when you open it.

The key is to do it gradually. And target satiety with an abundance of healthy foods and lots of water. Don’t starve yourself. If you are hungry, find something savory and natural. You’ll love the taste of a good piece of Parmesan Cheese and some Green Apples, with some honey, maybe. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor. Just choose what flavors you intake.

Natural doesn’t have to be boring. The Mediterranean Diet is full of boring vegetables, so why do people rave about the food And Lose weight? Because it tastes good!

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