Top 10 Over the Counter Weight Loss Supplements

Over the Counter Weight Loss Supplements If you want to lose weight, and you are struggling on your own, you may need some medical assistance. Many people first turn to over the counter weight loss pills or supplements when assistance is needed. The problem is that not all of the things on the market are safe, some are only safe for some, and some simply do not work. You have to make like a detective before you decide to take something so that you stay safe. Being thinner won’t do you much good if you have a stroke, heart attack, or even worse, don’t survive.

Most people can take general over the counter weight loss pills safely as long as they have been on the market for a while. This means nothing has happened that deemed them unsafe, but at the same time, they may not be effective. Dexatrim has been around for quite a while and is used mostly as a appetite suppressant. Some people think it works and some do not. Watch Paper Towns Online Something with longevity is more likely to be safe than something that is new, but because these are not regulated by the FDA, you can’t be one hundred percent sure anything is safe. This is one that you may want to start with if the ingredients work for you.

One thing you want to watch out for is anything with a stimulant. Those that are young and healthy won’t get more than a kick out of them that gives them a burst of energy, but some of the ‘natural’ ingredients used in some over the counter weight loss items can be deadly to someone with a heart condition, or someone who has a history of stroke in their family. The older you get the higher your risk gets for complications for taking something like this. If you have any doubt, take the container in and see what your doctor has to say about the ingredients. Watch Dragon Ball Z Resurrection of F Online Free This step can save your life.

Some over the counter weight loss supplements have been studied and are safer than others. Alli is one of those pills. This use to be a prescription weight loss supplement that was reformulated for over the counter use. This blocks fat absorption, so it works differently than other types of supplements. This may be one of the safest ones on the market, but the side effects are quite strange. Alli can help some people, but make sure you read up on it before you try it. If you have too much fat in your diet when taking Alli, you may be in for a very nasty surprise.

Don’t let the word ‘natural’ food you when you are looking into over the counter weight loss pills, supplements or treatments. Natural does not mean safe. Some things found in nature should never be eaten. Remember the mushrooms your scout leader or your parents warned you from eating? Do you remember the pretty red berries that you were warned were poisonous? Just like those, there are other things in nature that can harm you. Don’t look for natural. Instead, look for ingredients that have been proven safe. Weight loss is good for your health if you are carrying extra pounds, but not at the expense of your life.

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