Top 10 Over the Counter Weight Loss Supplements

Over the Counter Weight Loss Supplements If you want to lose weight, and you are struggling on your own, you may need some medical assistance. Many people first turn to over the counter weight loss pills or supplements when assistance is needed. The problem is that not all of the things on the market are safe, some are only safe for some, and some simply do not work. You have to make like a detective before you decide to take something so that you stay safe. Being thinner won’t do you much good if you have a stroke, heart attack, or even worse, don’t survive.

Most people can take general over the counter weight loss pills safely as long as they have been on the market for a while. This means nothing has happened that deemed them unsafe, but at the same time, they may not be effective. Dexatrim has been around for quite a while and is used mostly as a appetite suppressant. Some people think it works and some do not. Watch Paper Towns Online Something with longevity is more likely to be safe than something that is new, but because these are not regulated by the FDA, you can’t be one hundred percent sure anything is safe. This is one that you may want to start with if the ingredients work for you.

One thing you want to watch out for is anything with a stimulant. Those that are young and healthy won’t get more than a kick out of them that gives them a burst of energy, but some of the ‘natural’ ingredients used in some over the counter weight loss items can be deadly to someone with a heart condition, or someone who has a history of stroke in their family. The older you get the higher your risk gets for complications for taking something like this. If you have any doubt, take the container in and see what your doctor has to say about the ingredients. Watch Dragon Ball Z Resurrection of F Online Free This step can save your life.

Some over the counter weight loss supplements have been studied and are safer than others. Alli is one of those pills. This use to be a prescription weight loss supplement that was reformulated for over the counter use. This blocks fat absorption, so it works differently than other types of supplements. This may be one of the safest ones on the market, but the side effects are quite strange. Alli can help some people, but make sure you read up on it before you try it. If you have too much fat in your diet when taking Alli, you may be in for a very nasty surprise.

Don’t let the word ‘natural’ food you when you are looking into over the counter weight loss pills, supplements or treatments. Natural does not mean safe. Some things found in nature should never be eaten. Remember the mushrooms your scout leader or your parents warned you from eating? Do you remember the pretty red berries that you were warned were poisonous? Just like those, there are other things in nature that can harm you. Don’t look for natural. Instead, look for ingredients that have been proven safe. Weight loss is good for your health if you are carrying extra pounds, but not at the expense of your life.

Foods For Boosting Your Metabolism

Pineapple is a great choice for metabolism boosting foods served in the morning. This fruit takes quite a bit of energy to burn and it provides you with essential nutrients as well. In addition this is one of the metabolism boosting foods that have very few calories and no fat.

One thing that most diet regimens do agree with is the importance of breakfast. You can turn nearly any breakfast meal into metabolism boosting foods just by eating them at the right time of day. Of course, breakfast is important because it “breaks the fasting” we do while we sleep.

During our nightly rest our metabolism slows down to accommodate our needs. Since we don’t require much energy during the nighttime hours our metabolism slows gown quite a bit. When we eat a sensible breakfast we turn the morning meal into metabolism boosting foods that rev our engines. Some items are better to accomplish this than others.

What metabolism boosting foods should you eat?

    • Increase your intake of fresh leafy green vegetables.

    • Tomatoes and other fruits like blueberries and pineapple.

    • Fish is always a great choice because it provides your body with essential nutrients, protein and oils without all of the calories.

    • High fibre, including whole grains and spicy dishes can serve as metabolism boosting foods as well.

    • Calcium, but stick to foods and milk over supplements.

    • Limit sugary foods, alcohol, caffeine and no cigarettes.

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Foods For Boosting Your Metabolism

Pineapple is a great choice for metabolism boosting foods served in the morning. This fruit takes quite a bit of energy to burn and it provides you with essential nutrients as well. In addition this is one of the metabolism boosting foods that have very few calories and no fat.

One thing that most diet regimens do agree with is the importance of breakfast. You can turn nearly any breakfast meal into metabolism boosting foods just by eating them at the right time of day. Of course, breakfast is important because it “breaks the fasting” we do while we sleep.

During our nightly rest our metabolism slows down to accommodate our needs. Since we don’t require much energy during the nighttime hours our metabolism slows gown quite a bit. When we eat a sensible breakfast we turn the morning meal into metabolism boosting foods that rev our engines. Some items are better to accomplish this than others.

What metabolism boosting foods should you eat?

  • Increase your intake of fresh leafy green vegetables.
  • Tomatoes and other fruits like blueberries and pineapple.
  • Fish is always a great choice because it provides your body with essential nutrients, protein and oils without all of the calories.
  • High fibre, including whole grains and spicy dishes can serve as metabolism boosting foods as well.
  • Calcium, but stick to foods and milk over supplements.
  • Limit sugary foods, alcohol, caffeine and no cigarettes.

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Weight-loss For Vegetarians-Commit To Your Goal

If you happen to be a vegetarian who is also having issues with being obese, then you need to understand there are others with the very same issue. Most people assume that vegetarians are either normal or underweight, but that’s not always real. Weight management for vegetarians is various than for individuals who consume meat, however you can drop weight if you are dedicated to your objective.

Your first step needs to be talking with your physician about your current diet plan, in addition to your desire to slim down. While you as a vegetarian may be healthier than a typical individual, there is constantly the possibility of other illness that are triggering you to gain weight, or problems that could dictate exactly what you can and cannot do to reduce weight. The other benefit of speaking to your physician is that she will have access to the most existing information, and that can make losing weight much easier.

Diets that badly restrict carbs are typically not a good method of weight loss for vegetarians. Such diet plans could sound appealing, however there are still concerns about the lasting health effect of these types of diet plans. That being stated, if you have the ability to discover a low-carb diet plan that you have the ability to do, at least you won’t be gorging yourself on meat, as a lot of low-carb diets allow.

As a vegetarian, you’re already aware of how crucial it is to get full nutrition from exactly what you eat, however going on a diet plan can make getting all your nutrition even more of a challenge. Eating the best foods becomes necessary when dropping weight, due to the fact that you cutting out calories from your diet plan, and that makes every bite of food more vital total.

That’s not to say that you slimming down as a vegetarian is all bad. In truth, there is one area where you will stand out, which is having a decent fiber intake. Fiber not just keeps things relocating your digestive tract, however it likewise helps you to feel complete, and it regulates your blood sugar level too. As a vegetarian, you shouldn’t have any trouble meeting your everyday requirement of fiber.

Up until now we have only talked about the food you eat, however there’s another part of slimming down that shouldn’t be disregarded. What we are talking about is workout.

If you truly wish to drop weight, then you need to vary your exercise regimen to get the most gain from it. You should do aerobic exercises and resistance exercises. Aerobic exercise burns the most calories while you are doing it. Resistance exercise doesn’t burn as numerous calories while you’re exercising, however it builds muscle, and muscle will certainly burn more calories while you are at rest.

Weight loss for vegetarians may need a bit more planning, however it is completely possible to shed extra pounds and be a vegetarian at the same time. Now it’s up to you to take the first step and start losing weight.

Is a High Protein Diet Really Good for You?

One of the most popular fitness and weight-loss method these days is choosing a high-protein diet. Undoubtedly, you can’t survive without an adequate supply of protein – especially so if you’re trying to bulk up with lots of resistance exercise, but is it really better to go all out with your protein intake? How good is a high-protein diet for you in actuality?

The thing is, in most developed countries, people get all the protein they need (and often more) just through the regular food they eat. It caries from person to person how much protein their bodies require – depending on how much activity they take part in. For example, people who have a gym membership or who go out running need a lot more protein than someone who feels that reaching for a bag potato chips is about all the exercise they can take in a day. Its a fact that with high-intensity exercises you do need more protein, just not as much as you might think. So think before heading down to a health food store for a protein supplement that gives you about five times what you need.

People who don’t exercise at all – who spend their days sitting at a desk or lying in bed – only need about 50 g of protein in a day if you assume that they weigh about as much as an average person should. Now, a meal that anyone in America eats with a standard sized serving of red meat easily contains around 20 g of protein. That means, a couple of meals like this or so, and they will easily cover their body’s needs. People who lift weights or a run long distances every day need about twice as much if they work out really hard. What does it do to you to go on a high-protein diet that supplies your body with much more than this?

Actually, it doesn’t do anything at all. You don’t give your body an extra edge by packing your plate with any more protein than it can use. You could give yourself an extra edge in the race to gain weight though. When your body gets more protein than it actually can use, it merely turns it into fat and packs it away for future use.

As long as you don’t go overboard with your protein intake, you could really help yourself and be healthier. For instance, foods that are rich in protein happen to fill you up much faster. With a high-protein diet, you’re likely to eat less overall. And that means less weight to put on. If you want to go on a high-protein diet to lose weight, make sure that you pick low-fat stuff for it – white-meat turkey, egg whites or lean chicken breast. And you don’t want to make the mistake that people tend to make with high-protein diets – you don’t want to ignore your fruits and vegetables in the pursuit of proteins. The way to go about it is to eat enough proteins to feel satisfied enough, but to not overdo it and fill up entirely on it.

With too much protein in your diet, your kidneys have to work a lot harder. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, your kidneys are already at a disadvantage. Getting them to work extra hard isn’t a good idea. What you’re looking for is the middle ground. Eat enough for your level of activity and no more. There’s nothing inherently good about lots of protein so make sure that your diet and exercise regime includes lots of regular aerobic exercise and plenty of wholesome foods high in fibre and low in fat. If you need a bit of a boost you can also consider some of the fat burner supplements that are available online.

Why Doing Exercises Is Important

Staying healthy and working out to get good physical shape is goal of many of us. It is a good change and there is a rise in persons who are getting conscious of health by each day. Currently should an opinion have to make then it’s extremely hard to come to a fact that if you are obese then you shall be ill. Becoming disease prone depends upon a lot of facts for instance lifestyle, how old you are, fitness record and your eating habits. As we grow older we are more prone to being ill as our body has less resistance toward diseases and bone related issues turn up later on.

Many of these above mentioned issues might be averted with continuous exercising and strict dieting. Our bone density is cut down over the years and reduced calcium consumption still it’ll never be too late to start your fitness plan. It is a relentless procedure that is dependant hugely upon our body’s needs and its capabilities. We need to keep improving the body in the correct manner in order that you have outcomes that are visible. Prior to starting a training regime do not forget to have a good instructor who would steer you in the everyday regime. Know your body, what serves best to other people would not help you or vice versa.

In case you are keen on to have a life with no or negligible joint aches then your bones have to be healthy. As our bodies age, osteoporosis is the likely disorder which ladies tell of. There’s a genuine belief that’s making the rounds to what literally resistance workout is- It’s main work out which tones up muscles. All those strong-bodied muscles photos which are shown on posters flaunting their muscle tissues are an indicator of people who have spent a long time in the health club pulling dumbbells.

Actually Resistance training is stimulating your bones in more than one ways for example through – balls, weight training, flexi bands. Leg lunges, pushups and abdomen crunches, situps are a crucial element of the main training. Doing exercises like pilates are significantly famous amongst people from all age groups as it enhances your body stamina. It’s in no way pricey, if truth be told it is affordable and pilates is comparable to yoga since it is a natural method of exercise. It features equivalent breathing patterns and floor exercising.

Decent eating habits and appropriate pilates classes could help you in a way to toughen your bones from within. All those who will stay on track have a better probability to lead a healthy and longer life and increased stamina. You’re as such slashing the probability of any falling over or disease at later stages. My personal advice is doing not adhere to a fitness regimen for a number of years, keep changing your workout in order that you do not get bored of it. Blend it with cardiovascular, resistance and muscle workouts in your regular program. Have fun and hear your favourite and stimulating music as you are performing these exercise regimens.

Three significant effects of Using Garcinia Cambogia

There are three courses in which Garcinia cambogia that helps in weight reduction:

1. Reduces Appetite

The hardest part around an eating methodology is continually opposing temptation. Luckily, Garcinia cambogia is a characteristic hunger suppressant that will help you get past this eating regimen stage. The measure of serotonin, a hormone part of the way answerable for controlling your ravenousness, is expanded with the utilization of Garcinia cambogia.

2. Counteracts Fat Storage

Garcinia cambogia’s capability to keep the capacity of fat is maybe its most surprising element. Ordinarily, extra calories and sugars that go into your body transform into fat cells and the basic reason for weight pick up. With Garcinia cambogia, overabundance calories and carbs never find the opportunity to transform into fat cells and are wiped out immediately.

3. Accelerates Metabolism

Garcinia cambogia holds abnormal amounts of HCA (hydroxycitic acid), which is a substance known to accelerate the digestion system. This helps you blaze fat at a much speedier rate than you typically would.

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Which weight loss supplements really work?

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the most effective weight loss supplement that is widely used around the world. Most of the people were using it since it has no side effects and very effective.

Getting in shape can drastically enhance your enthusiastic and physical wellbeing, however it might be a moderate procedure. So it’s no big surprise that 15% of American grown-ups were using diet supplements to help weight reduction, picking a lot of choices that supresses’ appetite, stops fat ingestion, or expansion digestion system.

Keep in mind, obviously, that you ought to dependably check with your specialist before taking any kind of supplement. Indeed supplements can have reactions and may meddle with drugs you take. Also, regarding the matter of weight reduction, there are no speedy fixes. An adhering to a good diet arrangement and consistent physical activity ought to be the establishment of any get-healthy plan.

At present, most weight reduction masters don’t suggest numerous items that is advertised as weight reduction supplements due to an absence of confirmation. Additionally certain dietary supplements, including ephedra, may cause heart assault and stroke.

Getting A Toned Body Through The Amazing Garcinia Cambogia Fruit

Being fat, obese, overweight, or whatever term people use to describe a person that belongs to the unhealthy club, brings different kinds of stress – emotionally, mentally and of course physically. If you are putting yourself into a risky condition, you better stop and think about your future.

It is no secret that shedding off excess fats is very hard to accomplish because of the temptations and discouragements around us. You gotta be strong and determined and destroy all the barriers to your success. For starters, exercise and healthy diet are the most vital steps you are going to take.

It is common knowledge that hundreds of products are available to help you lose weight. Have you heard about this garcinia cambogia fruit that works wonders? Experts say that it has fat fighting properties that are very helpful when trying to lose weight and toning body muscles.

In a nutshell, what it does is it burns calories and enhance your metabolism. It has a lot of potential written all over it and I’m pretty sure everybody will benefit from this. If you want to know more about the complete details and verify what I just told you, go ahead and ask google.

Rules For Weight Loss Diet Plans

It is one of the first truths we ever learn: we don’t like being held accountable to rules. We learn that when we chafe under our parents’ rules. It appears often as if the more rules we are made to knuckle down under, the more we want to break them. Sometimes, that doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. As it is with certain weight loss diet plans. In some cases, the secret to losing weight could actually lie in breaking certain rules. Most weight loss diet plans for instance strictly rule out special treats like sweets. But they just found out in a study published in the International Journal of Obesity: people who know how to loosen their grip on the leash a little bit without entirely letting go have an overall better rate of success with their slimming plans than people who try to strictly follow them. Weight-loss experts have known about breaking the rules a long time. Here’s where you learn what they know about rule breaking.

Let’s say that you are a busy working mother. Your diet plan asks you to make sure that you divide up your meal plan intoto five small meals a day. What you do know for a fact is that you don’t have the time to prepare one healthy meal, leave alone five. The reason they ask you to divide your meals up is that they hope that this will keep you from wanting to go get a smack in the middle; and they hope that it will keep your blood sugar levels steady to eat several times during the day. On a practical level, what you do know is that the more times you get to eat, the more opportunities you have to overeat. What you can do instead is to just eat the two or three meals a day that you have the time for, but to make sure that you include lots of fiber so that you stay filled for longer.

Okay, so you want to eat fiber. Only, there is a little problem with that. The kind of foods you are used to eating just happen to be white – bread and pasta made of white flour for instance. Can’t you go on eating what you’ve eaten always? Would you believe that people who eat refined stuff aren’t necessarily much thinner than the people who religiously stay away from it? All you need to do is make sure that half of all your carbs come from whole grains. For the rest of it, you can feel welcome to treat yourself to whatever refined foods you want. It doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

And finally, how about those annoying rules that weight-loss diet plans try to make you follow about not eating past 8 PM at night. If busy professionals follow that rule, they wouldn’t eat at night at all. This rule just comes from a misunderstood metabolic principle. We could eat any time of the day or night and our bodies wouldn’t really handle the calories any differently. What matters is that we don’t eat too much when it’s late. If you like to eat a normal sized meal late at night, you should be just fine. Eating a very large meal late at night, now that’s a different matter.


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Best Exercise to Lose Weight From Experience

As a person who has been as much as 120 pounds overweight and managed to lose it all, I have learned a thing or two about diet and exercise. I have had many friends come to me over the years and ask what is the best exercise to lose weight, and my answer is always the same. It really takes a combination of aerobic and resistance exercises to achieve permanent weight loss, and when done in tandem, they can make losing weight very achievable.

First and foremost, the best exercise to lose weight from my experience is swimming or using an elliptical machine. These are both great aerobic exercises that are going to burn a lot of calories if done on a regular basis and for at least 30 minutes at a time. I know that when I was working on the elliptical machine at the gym I went to, there were times when I first started where I would burn 800 to 900 calories per hour, and the weight just came pouring off of me.

On the other hand, doing resistance training, particularly dead lifts, power cleans, bench presses, curls, triceps dips and so forth could all be considered among the best exercise to lose weight as well, because anytime you’re working out with weights or machines, you are going to burn calories for the rest of the day from that workout. When I was going to the gym during lunch, I would burn some serious calories hitting the weights, and noticed when I was lifting every day that I was toning up as well.

Now, there is another school of thought that says that the best exercise to lose weight is walking, because it is so beneficial for you in so many ways, and it also is something that a person can continually do for a long time. It is a great way to burn calories, and it is relatively easy on the body. However, what I will say about walking is that calories are not burned as fast as with the other activities, and one really has to walk for long periods of time to get the same effects they would on a treadmill or elliptical machine in less time.

I am not sure that there is one best exercise to lose weight above all others. I have always felt that a combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight training was the best and most effective way to lose weight. It really just depends on how quickly you want to lose weight and what you are willing to do to lose it.

Can you Diet to Lose Weight in a Week?

Ok, let’s get one thing straight before I announce my latest article-you cannot realistically lose a lot of weight in a week. It’s unnatural, and if you do it plan on it being awful and plan on the weight returning with a vengeance. I remember watching Oprah and she said “do not think you can lose weight with just diet alone, it cannot be done” And so it follows from that that exercise is a crucial component in weight loss. So a week? Well, let’s see.

If you have a week, plan on losing no more than a safe few pounds. But sometimes that can make all the difference between wearing a particular suit and not wearing it. A week is not a long time in body terms, and if you shed a few pounds it will probably be water.

So! The best plan of attack is soup. Any kind of non cream soup with anything you want to put in it. Preferably a variety of vegetables so that when you actually do lose the weight you won’t lose the nutrients.

Soup is amazing food, and it has sustained whole civilizations in times of war and famine. Water is a perfect vehicle for removing nutrients from a particular foodstuff, and there was the age old story of making soup flavored with a rock. Probably was a salty rock, but it gave the soup flavor and meaning. The term Restaurant came from the Latin word for Restauro which alluded to a place in Rome or the Roman Empire that sold restorative broth.

So if you’ve got a week, start a big pot of boiling water, throw in some bouillon cubes and some wonderful veggies, anything you want. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a crash weight loss diet that might work and still keep you nourished.

Read more here Diet to Lose Weight in a Week. I spelled out a few of my tips and cautionary tales for you to read.

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My Healthy Diet to Lose Weight Recommendations

I’m constantly amazed at what people will do, purchase or follow to lose weight. The sheer desperation of it all! I understand you want to lose weight, but if it’s not a healthy diet, your body will protest silently and gently encourage you to eat more. And before you know it, that power bar and red bull diet your friend recommended from the internet has left you sleepless, prediabetic and feeling lousy. And then you rapidly gain weight back. It’s terrible.

The key is healthy eating. Vegetables, lean meats, fruits, Legumes (beans of any sort) and water. No sugar, no sweets, no processed foods you find in the store. Anything you drink in a can will only take you to the bathroom for the inevitable diet that robs you of nutrients. Laxatives are NOT a diet. Nor is anything diuritic based like slimming tea.

What is healthy? Water, lemon, things that are savory with flavor. Vegetables with a drizzle of olive oil, some fresh cracked pepper and a sprinkle of salt. They will have more flavor and rival some dishes you might pay 10 bucks for at a local Italian Restaurant.

But what if I get hungry? Well, you can snack on nuts, but stay away from the potato chips, and anything in a bag that crinkles when you open it.

The key is to do it gradually. And target satiety with an abundance of healthy foods and lots of water. Don’t starve yourself. If you are hungry, find something savory and natural. You’ll love the taste of a good piece of Parmesan Cheese and some Green Apples, with some honey, maybe. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor. Just choose what flavors you intake.

Natural doesn’t have to be boring. The Mediterranean Diet is full of boring vegetables, so why do people rave about the food And Lose weight? Because it tastes good!

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Find the Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast for Women

When you are a woman of any age, you often have an occasion to try and shed a few pounds to fit into an outfit, or a bikini. Men have the same problem with a great wardrobe of suits. A few extra pounds and that favorite grey flannel will be tight. And if you don’t take the weight off you have to give away the suit. Sadly, people often relent and just give up. Especially women and men who are older.

The old adage of dressing your body, not making the dress fit your body is really true, but sometimes we just want to shed a few pounds to look a bit better, fresher or maybe a little younger. Women have it easier than men since they are inherently leaner. But that doesn’t mean it’s a one size fits all in terms of diets. You have to find the one that fits you best, not that you want to fit you and look good in. Or a diet that lets you get away with a lot and you don’t achieve your results leaving you frustrated and angry.

I just wrote a post on this very topic, since I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. Some folks always have a weight problem, and that’s a genetic gift. If you look at the singer Adele, she’s robust, some might call her fat, but I wouldn’t. She might not have that incredible voice if she lost weight.

So finding the information is hard, and if you are looking for the best diet to lose weight fast for women I hope my article helps you with some pointers and direction. Women can really do it faster and better than men, and keep it off. It’s never too late, or too early to make your body your best body. When I took yoga they said “we’re not going to make you thin, we’re going to help your body find it’s best self” and I think that said it best.  Each body has a best expression. Maybe that’s robust, maybe slight, maybe in the middle. But it’s important to not try and be something you are not.

New Article on Best Diets to Lose Weight Fast

When you are trying to lose weight fast, you do have options, but they are really not going to be permanent. Your body likes to keep you at the weight you are because it thinks you are supposed to be there. It’s like a thermostat, it will get you back to the right number but you have to reset it lower with changes in your lifestyle and exercise.

I used to know a wrestler who could change his weight over a weekend before weighing in for a match so he could wrestle in a lower weight class. He would eat nothing for 2 days except drink water. Maybe an apple. That was it. But he couldn’t maintain that for more than a few days and the weight eventually came back. He knew what he wanted to achieve and understood that his body would change him right back to his old weight because it was too drastic, and too quick.

In rapid weight loss, you’ll find that sensible diets are based on soup. Studies have shown that if you eat soup your calories are reduced, and you stay full and satisfied longer than eating and drinking separately. Your body actually believes it is more full, and as a consequence you eat less overall. Less “net calories” in total for the day. Your weight begins to trend down.

Juice diets can work too, but you have to drink nutrient rich juices that are essentially cold soup. So when people talk about eating a liquid diet, it’s actually not a bad idea as a diet to lose weight fast since there are whole cultures in this world that eat soup for every meal and those people tend to be very lean. For them sugar is not a staple, and meat is a flavoring. But any trip to a Vietnamese or Chinese Restaurant where you get a big bowl of steaming soup with all the trimmings will show you what a real diet can be. And a fast weight loss diet too!

My latest article on the best diets to lose weight fast discusses that they work fast, but often you won’t keep the weight off.But if you have to try it, start with the soup. Any kind you want and eat to satiety. Lay off the bread, and any other starchy thing you might want to add until the weight comes off and then you can enjoy it too.

And What is the Best Diet to Lose Weight After All?

Everybody is different, and we all lose weight differently. Sadly, though if you are an American or increasingly a person from the UK, you are in danger of gaining weight simply from living in those countries. I’ve watched the American population go from normal slim in my childhood (where only a few people around you might be obese, and they had health issues) to seeing over 50% of my neighbors, former classmates and friends grow obese. It’s incredible.

People accept that now Americans will be not just overweight, but almost morbidly obese. And it seems that the diet fads, and the books, and the T.V. Shows that all want to help you are making money off of the sheer desperation of being obese. You need to find the right diet for you, and for each person that is a different solution. Our bodies are different.

What is the same in all cases, though, is that the nasty old culprit of processed sugars, especially high fructose corn syrup, are going to make you obese. Problem is that those two culprits are in every food made that is processed, even baby food! You can blame portion sizes all you want to, and maybe the fried foods, or what have you, but the real culprit is sugar.

So how do you find a way to lose weight and not starve? Ironically the secret is in being sated, and not being hungry. And sugar and high fructose corn syrup make you hungry, and even turn off the hormone leptin that is supposed to keep you sated. The very hormone that should keep you slim is shut off by sugar. It’s a catch 22 that is hitting the entire world.

Any diet that lowers your hunger, and your calories will make you lose weight, but there is more to finding the best diet than reading a book. That’s why we started our site.


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